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Win Exciting Prizes Weekly with Cheerwine’s Southern Summer Contest

The Cheerwine Uniquely Southern Summer Contest offers participants a chance to win exciting weekly prizes. From beach adventures to sports tickets, BBQ gift cards, and grilling packages, there’s something for everyone. The contest runs for nine weeks, with winners selected from valid entries. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a uniquely Southern summer with Cheerwine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enter for a chance to win weekly prizes in the Cheerwine summer contest.
  • Prizes range from adventure bundles and sports tickets to grilling sets and gift card collections.
  • Contest runs for nine weeks with different themed prizes each week.
  • Winners are selected from valid entries received by July 25.

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Cheerwine is bringing the taste of Southern hospitality to life this summer with their Uniquely Southern Summer Contest. Running over nine exciting weeks, participants have the chance to win a variety of themed prizes that capture the essence of Southern summer fun. Each week features a different prize bundle, ensuring there’s something to appeal to everyone.

In Week 1, participants can win the “Beaches, Boats & Cheerwine: Adventure Ready Prize Bundle” valued at $574.98, perfect for kicking off summer with an adventure. Week 2 shifts the focus to sports enthusiasts with the “Southern Sports Tickets Package” worth $388.98. BBQ lovers will be thrilled with Week 3’s “Southern BBQ Gift Card Collection” valued at $513.98, ideal for those who love Southern cuisine.

As the contest continues, Week 4 offers the “Summertime Grillin’ with Food Lion, Cheerwine & Brightleaf” package worth $251.00, ensuring you have all you need for a perfect grilling session. Week 5 features a high-end grilling prize, the “Blackstone 36” Omnivore Griddle” valued at $512.98. For Week 6, foodies can rejoice with the “Southern Foodies Gift Card Collection” worth $313.98, packed with gift cards to savor Southern delicacies.

Week 7’s prize is the “Events of Cheer Tickets Package” worth $611.98, providing tickets to various events, and Week 8 brings the “Summer Snackin’ Favorites Collection” worth $372.98, filled with all your favorite summer snacks. The contest concludes with Week 9’s “Sittin’ & Sippin’ with Cheerwine” package valued at $328.00, perfect for a relaxing end to the summer.

Winners for each week will be selected from valid entries received by July 25. Be sure to check the rules for additional prizing details. With such a diverse range of prizes, the Cheerwine Uniquely Southern Summer Contest is the perfect way to enhance your summer experience.

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